There are numerous advantages in relation to other types of printing, because the preparation time for printing and the printing itself are significantly shorter. In practice, this means that almost every request can be answered promptly, meeting quality criteria, without the need for minimum quantities and all at favorable prices. UV digital printing technology is an ecological standard in the EU countries. The colors we use are resistant to temperature, chemical and mechanical influences. They have a wide range of applications, from printing on objects used in industrial conditions to printing on everyday objects. This color is stabilized by UV rays so that the print does not fade due to sun exposure.

It is possible to print on everything that has so far been unthinkable, both on flat and relief surfaces, in color with the addition of a white color.
We print directly on plastic, wood, ceramics, metal, pens, lighters, journals, eco leather, cardboard, plexiglass, yuvidur – on almost all materials and finished products up to 7 cm thick.


We offer COMPLETE printing services. Depending on your request (product purpose, type of material from which it was made, form …) we will offer you the best and most economical solution


Technology created for small quantities and quick jobs. For everything due “yesterday”.
This type of printing allows HIGH QUALITY of the print and SHORT production time. We are able to print the required material in one day. The maximum print size is 315 x 470 mm (paper format is 330 x 487 mm), and is most often used for printing business cards, pricelists, brochures, catalogs, posters, invitations …


Used for small quantities and materials that can’t be printed by other techniques or because of the “Client’s special request”. It is printed on various materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, PVC, textile, metal, glass, ceramics.
Most commonly used on: TEXTILE (T-shirts, work clothes …), labels, stickers, metal tiles, folders …


Suitable for large quantities (increasing circulation reduces cost per unit). The print format is up to B2 (500 × 700 mm). It features high quality prints, and is most often used for printing of memos, envelopes, brochures, business cards in large quantities, catalogs, folders, paper bags, block goods, posters, paper packaging, labels, declarations and more.


Print type used for printing on round and uneven surfaces. Especially suitable for printing fine details, up to 1 mm. It is characterized by exceptional sharpness of the print, as well as high speed operation, which makes it ideal for printing large quantities of pens, lighters, key pendants, mugs, glasses, ashtrays and other rounded items.


We print up to 3,2m width on PVC foil, automotive foil, banner foil, canvas, flag canvas, ONE VISION foil (window foil), BACKLIT foils, wallpapers, roll-ups, photo papers …


Production, printing and installation of all advertising signs.
Branding of windows, walls …
Branding of the vehicle
Billboards, notification boards, signalization